About Focus

Aurora DijkhoffBorn and raised in a typical Arubian middle class family, Aurora was the youngest of 11 children, learning from an early age to assert herself to be heard. She demonstrated a distinct talent for writing and drawing, winning prizes for her creative efforts as early as the 3rd Grade.

“Excelling at the creative duo of writing and drawing gave me direction and helped me realize my career goals. Basically, I am autodidactic, learning from decades of experience, but have continually attended various seminars, conferences and workshops regarding publishing, especially for magazines, to expand my vision.”

Aurora’s first project was the magazine “Smash Box,” in B & W. She joined the “Glitter,” team until 1995, and then realized her lifelong dream by Launching FOCUS on April 7, of that year. Her vision was to create a magazine which showcased the Aruban people and culture, while providing news and in-depth profiles of individuals who contributed to the future of the island. “I wanted readers to feel the beating heart of our people, in pages exhibiting flair, plus the glitz and glamour of our lifestyle.”

Focus Aruba was a groundbreaking publication when it hit the newsstands in 1995; a glossy, artful package, it became an instant hit. “One of the most gratifying aspects of the magazine’s history is seeing individuals we reported on years before while still young, but with obvious talent and drive, become hugely successful. I could see that ability to excel when they were just beginning to blossom.” A majority of Focus feature stories are about self-made successes, in business, politics, art and fashion.
The annual Focus Awards, established in December of 1995, pays tribute to outstanding personalities. It is one of the most recognized and prestigious end of the year events on the island.

Years of reporting on myriad aspects of her island and its people has compelled Aurora toward taking a more active role in their betterment, and become a community activist. She is on the board of the Kiwanis Club of Aruba, which is noted for its many fund and conscientious raising events. Kiwanis of Aruba particularly targets improvement programs for island youth, which she finds especially satisfying, as she feels, "today's youngsters will shape Aruba's future, it is up to us to see they grow into aware, concerned and caring leaders."